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Frost, now that is something seen a lot more in country towns than in the coastal city areas and out Oberon way the winters are especially chilly.

This post, chosen for a Tuesday to participate in Taphophile Tragics, was taken on a frosty morning in Oberon a few years ago.  At the time I was surprised to find headstones looming over the hill but was keen to get on my way so didn't investigate further until I chose to include it in this series.  I think it is the Old Methodist Cemetery dating from 1859 and still in use today.

Visit Black Springs another town in this district over at 100 Towns. I can vouch that it is also a very chilly spot in winter.


  1. I don't mind the cold as long as I can get out of it! Preferably with the help of a log fire.

  2. Great shot Joan, an eerie quality. You would be surprised how many frosts we can get in Grafton, some years 20 but most years a few big ones.

  3. My son forgot to sign out his gmail account so above comment is from me.
    I was also going to say that there wouldn't be too many Methodists around the place anymore. My Blaney relo's were Methodist.

  4. Oh! It looks so chilly cold .... Beautifully captured Joan.

  5. Boot Hill looming ... I never get a frost ever! I miss crunching over the frozen grass, mashing it down into a squelch.

    Love this shot. Would love it even more if it had actually been linked to TT.


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