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Town spotting

Well we are not going by train.  We are in the car on a new town spotting trip.  The area we are exploring is west of the mountains between Lithgow and Bathurst.  It's the hilly patch where dark pine forests cover the hills.

We are off into those forests to places with quaint names like Sunny Corner, Dark Corner and driving Mt Horrible road to Lime Kilns.  Let's go see what's there.


  1. This will be an interesting car journey Joan .... I've only been through Bathurst on the way from Adelaide to Sydney .... So I'm looking forward to seeing these little country places with quaint names like Mt Horrible and Lime Kilns.

  2. I'm looking forward to this. Haven't been up this way at all although hubby goes there for work several times a year.

  3. Another photo that could have been taken here! :-)

    Regarding your comment on the Oryx hunting in Texas:
    Millions of animals are killed to feed humans. Isn't that enough??? Shooting endangered animals in captivity so you can have a head and a pair of horns hanging on your living room wall is totally sick and it really shows the nature of some of us! And you know what? I bet those people call themselves christians and might even be very religious. I honestly think they have serious psychological problems and need urgent therapy! Killing for pleasure? It's the 21st century, it simply isn't a normal behaviour.

    1. Really! some of Portugal looks like this! Golly ... never in a million years would I have equated the two.

  4. It is looking nice and green. Lots of rain everywhere at the moment.

  5. I hope you took your wellies ...

  6. I'm catching up. This will be a beaut trip!


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