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All that heaving hissing metal, brings joy to the heart of the daughter of an engineer and the son of a train driver.

But none of it is actually heaving and hissing, the displays are mostly static, which you can no doubt tell from the pristine blackness and shiny brass bits.


  1. Wonderful bottom pic Joan, with that lovely coppery/bronze patina. Cobwebs are such intricate works of art woven with much attention to detail ... I always feel a tinge of regret when I disturb one.

  2. They are works of art when static, and theatre when in motion I would think.

  3. They are works of art when static, and theatre when in motion I would think.

  4. Martina beat me to it! I knew your father was an engineer, but fascinating to know that Ian's father was a train driver. You both need to go down to Goulburn ...

    1. Train driver, tram driver then refrigeration engineer at a meat factory. What's at Goulburn?

    2. A train museum and working turntable. I only know because Bruce Casperson waxed lyrical about it. I have not been myself.

  5. Refrigeration engineers often work closely with air conditioning engineers like MOM (My Old Man). Love the colours in the last shot. I have pics of train wheels but have never posted them. You give me inspiration.

  6. I see I'm not the only one who noticed the cobwebs ...


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