Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We walk through the seaside woodland to the sea. As always I was watchful for the flora on the way.

JM recently showed a sand dune covered with the pigface (portulaca) flowers it was a very impressive sight. Actually I just took another look and it isn't a dune and I don't think it is pigface but is nonetheless impressive.


  1. It's always exciting to walk through a tunnel of tea tree scrub towards the sea.

  2. The light in your top photo is really interesting.

  3. I've taken a 100 shots of a Pigface and have never been happy with outcome.
    Don't tell me this beauty is with your iphone!

  4. Joan, it's the same genus but actually not the same species. The one you show is bigger and much more common here, it grows everywhere on the coast line.
    I'm not familiared with the plant in the middle and I love it. Also love the beautiful path on top.

  5. JM, the one in the middle is a banksia seed pod left after the flower is gone.

    Mark, yep with an iPhone. I was surprised at how good it was with close ups of flowers.

    Winam and Bill, yes is is the tunnel of darkness into the light that is so much fun

  6. shpoooky first shot.
    But draws you in.