Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beach stuff

I like the way the beach creates it own ever varying works of art.


  1. The sea, to me, is more determined. Whereas the bush is laid back and cool about detritus, and change and dropping bits. The sea wants to get in there and reduce everything down to its essence: rumble, smooth, toss.

  2. Can't wait 'til Australia Day. No pressure, though, no pressure ... *grin* ...

  3. oh yes.
    Most excellent beach stuff.
    I find the beach is always good for a skeleton or two also.
    Fish, bird, crab shell, cuttlefish.

    BTW - do you remember you mentioned a while ago you would like one of those cake display covered thingos. I saw some at Aldi today - $20. They look quite a lot like this plastic one of mine.

  4. Beautiful. And I agree. The beach creates beautiful art!