Wednesday, September 21, 2011

National Gallery

The big highlight for us was a visit to the Fred Williams exhibition at the National Gallery but as photography is not allowed in the gallery I can't show photos of that.


  1. Love it! We're off to Canberra again soon, your post and photos have put another place to visit on my list :D)

  2. Did they tell you thank at the desk? At the AG-NSW there are sections where it IS allowed. I always ask each time. I am going there again tomorrow night.

  3. I LOVE Fred Williams!
    What was the exhibition like?
    Any good?

  4. There is a sign on the door outside. I was looking for signage about cameras and didn't see it. When inside I was snapping away and got pulled into line by the attendant. So I actually did get one snap in the exhibition but dared not publish it ... I was told to delete it!!

    If you like Williams the exhibition is worth it, a good round up of his work not too big and not too small.

    I'm with you Letty I LOVE Fred Williams.