Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday morning

The centre of Canberra, known as Civic, never seems busy but on Monday morning it was very empty, just a few lonely black coated figures out in the cold.


  1. I always think that about Civic - think the action is in the malls nowadays!

  2. Civic is sterile, IMO. I have just booked a night in Canberra for second week in October. Wanna watch Question Time, go to the Art Gallery and to the War Memorial. By train it is only $28 each way.

  3. I agree Civic is a sterile place. I remember when I first went to Canberra I caught a bus from the hotel in Woden where I was accommodated to go and explore the city. After a bit of a trip I was sitting in the bus waiting for it to move on and the drive said to me ... where are you going ... Civic I said ... you're here he said. Could have fooled me.

    It has not improved much with the passage of 37 years.