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Blossom by the lake

Canberra puts on a huge spring display at Floriade. We were a week early for that so settled for this lovely row of blossom by the lake.

[Sorry about the reposts. I wanted to fix the resolution of the image]


  1. I have only been to Floriade once, and was massively disappointed. I will be in Canberra for the final week of F, which I agree is the wrong time as everything will have been 'trampled'.

    Love this row of blossom. Rows like this were all over northern Victoria, too.

  2. What a pretty capture - the softness of the blossom against the cold steel rigid lamp posts. I lived and worked in Canberra during my late 'teens (a LONG time ago !!) and have such fond memories of the incredible colours to be found there during Spring and Autumn. Thank you for reviving those happy and carefree days.

  3. It's a lovely spot there down by the lake, isn't it?

  4. I think Floriade is rather good BUT if you catch it too early or too late is can disappoint. I fear you will be too late this year Julie, the weather is exceptionally warm. The tulips in my garden have expired already and that is unusual by this week in September.

    Valerie I lived there a LONG time ago too.

    And yes, Letty, the lake makes Canberra. I had not noticed these blossom trees here before, they sure made a lovely sight.

  5. I am not going to even bother with Floriade, Joan. I am there for two days only, want to observe parliament, visit the National Gallery and the War Memorial. That will stretch my time.

  6. I really like the contrasts and lines of this photo. It's very striking.

  7. WOW! Look at these! Awesome pathway.


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