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Pull on your coat, and sturdy boots, put on your gloves and come stroll the town with me as the sun peeps over the horizon.

This is the football field and I include it for no other reason than its where my walk began and I like the colours muted by the frost.


  1. Love the sun on the hills, the neglected tennis court, the bundle of wire(?) on top of the mini shed and those beautiful fan-shaped trees.

  2. That's another iconic country scene, I think. I love the shades of blue, too.

  3. Wonderful shot! I love that there's ambiguity (to me, at least) about whether this is a colour or Bb&W shot!

    Have a great day!

  4. PS - I sent you a 'Royal' pic - did you get it? Or shall I try again??

  5. By the looks I would need my whole wardrobe on to keep warm. Yes the sun splashing on the hill is a nice touch.

  6. The white field makes a great contrast to the peeping sun in the background. Wonderful!

  7. Yeah, what they all said ... but the mess of barbed wire on top of the shed ... hah weather sheds dont have doors ... very Australian ...


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