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Historic Cars

Between feeds we braved the rain to look at the exhibit of historic cars.


  1. Very "cool" (it's raining here right now - after some days of extreme cold and snow) - I like the framing very much.

  2. Me so too. The silve lady with the meeting of the sheets of the bonnet behind her.

    Good job.

  3. She's a beauty. Shame you had to see them in the rain, I would probably just kept on feeding.

  4. The rain adds much to this great car detail.

  5. Calypso and R2-D2 Mangoes are cheaper due to their smaller size. However, I am not so keen on their taste, as I am on the taste of the Kensington Pride.

    At my local supermarket, which is Thomas Dux, the upmarket Woolies, they are selling a tray of 14 Calypso mangoes for $13.99.


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