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Foxwood Farm

On the way home we stopped to eat at the Cafe at Foxwood Farm at Running Stream, where the fire was warm and the home made pies simply delicious.  This is going to become a familiar haunt for us because the big news is we've bought a bush block in the small village of Clandulla which is a stone's throw from here. In the New Year I will be blogging all about it.

In the meanwhile that's it for this trip, a new short trip starts tomorrow.


  1. Love the names Foxwood Farm at Running Stream. Sounds like a nice spot to visit with those home made pies and warm welcome!
    Congrats on your bush block and thanks for sharing a good trip :)

  2. That's so exciting.
    I can't wait to see all you new adventures at the bush block.
    How big is it?
    How will you keep the grass mown?
    A sheep?
    A pony?

  3. You are easing from spring to summer and we are easing from autumn to winter. I like summer better.

  4. Thanks for the trip through your eyes and camera. That is exciting news you are going country. I'll have to go to google maps and find the spot.

  5. A donkey?

    Does it have a Royal?

  6. Hi everyone, one acre, no animals and too small for shops let alone a Royal Hotel. We will only be visiting occasionaly until we put a shed on the property.

  7. This is a gorgeous spot. I look forward to your future updates.

  8. bush block?

    Since I am so late with commenting I thought I should google this before asking. Here is what I got:

    - bush blocks for sale
    - bush brokers
    - lifestyle bush block
    - managing your bush block
    - how do your clear bush block


  9. Hi Martina, a bush block is a block of land which has not been cleared. It has native vegetation on it ... trees, shrubs, wildflowers etc.

  10. Joan Elizabeth, thank you! This made me click on the "life style bush block" --- seemed to be a contradictio in adiecto ;-).

    Have some nice quiet days and a all the best for the New Year! And thanks again for answering me during your hiatus :-).


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