Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roadside slices 1

Going west the trees get shorter and shorter and their leaves smaller and tougher.  Then the trees thin out to the point where there are none.

Last time I was out this way I was overwhelmed by the redness of the land but it is so green at the moment the bare earth is hardly visible.


  1. This is just what I found with the Kimberleys. I had thought that the entire centre of our country was red and vegetatiob-less. No so.

    End of Novenmber eh. Goodo. I have run out of steam with my Kimberleys tour and have not done NT yet. Shall get back to it I hope prior to France. Just for my own record more than anything else.

  2. Julie, I have been enjoying your trip so look forward to you completing the story when you have time.

    AB, I try to document things that will show international readers our country. At the same time it is all a big adventure for me so also a record of what interests me as well as what I think will make a good photo.

  3. That is similar to my way of thinking, I document for my sensibility and to aid my memory. And if others like it, that adds to the value to me.