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We can't leave town without visiting the railway station. It's a big one. Down at the end, among the many signs is one to refreshments. Through the big doors you chance upon a very grand eating hall (below). We had afternoon tea before calling our explorations quits and snuggling in at the camp for the night before the long drive home tomorrow.



  1. Train travel WAS a very big deal wasn't it. I guess that has been replaced by cheap flights. though I am always amazed how many people travel by train each time I go.

  2. I guess long distance train travel in Oz isn't for the impatient, and most city people are very impatient. Now if they had the equivalent of the European or Japanese train systems that would be a different thing! Somehow I doubt that 'very fast trains' will ever eventuate.

  3. I've loved the look around Junee - it's a beautiful old town. (I'm sorry I haven't had the opportunity to comment much - nieces and nephews take up A LOT of time).
    I love the big round light fittings at the train station, the wide verandah at the hotel and the worn old bench. If we are running ahead of time on the drive home, we might get to do a little detour to Junee.

  4. I wish we had active train lines the way they used to. I think it's a great loss for our country not to have this culture anymore. Interesting that they didn't commercialize the signs, very personal, those.

  5. the travel by train adds such a dimension to a trip..what a sunning spot!

  6. A nice image of tidy, small-town life


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