Saturday, August 21, 2010

A new Royal

Royal Hotel, Trangie

Manouvering through a country town our new passenger squarks “go through the roundabout and take the second exit”.  Taking no heed, we turn left and right looking for the Royal Hotel. (Regular readers will know I collect Royal Hotels as a way of exploring country towns).

The small town of Trangie delivered our first for the trip.  


  1. This is a particularly fine Royal. Looking forward to your outback shots as you got through where we didn't. Unfortunately your blog is blocked by work's net filter so I won't be following as closely as I would like.

  2. I wonder if the Queen has passed by for her counter meal

  3. Here they come, the beautiful railings!

  4. Squark! You cut off the CI roof.

  5. Letty, didn't really notice the roof until you mentioned it.

    Ann, I wonder what is so salacious in my blog for net nanny to ban me?

    AB, it would have been Queen Victoria I guess.

    JM, lots more of those railings to come.

    Julie, I thought you would be getting your fill of CI over at Ann's blog.

  6. How many does this make?

    wv restrate
    The Royal Hotel Rest Rate is $????

  7. 29 I think. I add a few more before the end of this trip.

    The rest rate would be pretty cheap in most of them I reckon, as a relic from the past many are quite run down.