Sunday, August 15, 2010


Later we checked out the Broadway hotel, now a local history museum. It was fun to wander the corridors and rooms checking out the various displays and stepping out onto the verandah. Look at the width of it!


  1. We are still in Junee, right? Between Cootamundra and Wagga?

    This is a magnificent example of a pub. Reminds me of the Coo-ee call and going off to WW1.

    Why is it so big - was it so big? Because it was on the rail line?

  2. Welcome home! Nice to be back, isn't it? Bit of a shock that the journey has ended ... but ... nice to be home.

  3. Thanks for the welcome back. Now I have to put all the wonderful photos into story, I'm looking forward to it as it was a simply fabulous trip.

    Actually the cold outside is the biggest shock ... the wind whoosing through the pines and the temperature down to 5C.

    Regarding your question above ... yes we are still at Junee and the pub is no bigger than most pubs with iron lace verandahs. It's just that I've never been out on the verandah of one of them before. I've been looking at them since and of course they do have to have verandahs that are the width of the pavement below and that is much wider than the normal house verandah.