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Wool store and below other colonial buildings

Dating from its heydays in the late 1800s when Wilcannia was a busy inland port, there are many wonderful colonial buildings. Such a surprise to see out here in this isolated and quite arid part of the state. This alone is enough to give the town great charm.


  1. I am joining you for another tour and enjoying every photo.

  2. They're lovely buildings, but all I could think of was 'My gawd, look at the rain!'

  3. There seem to be a lot of wooden verandahs popping up in the posts. It seems a quirk of local architecture

  4. In your other post you said something about "battered and beaten" - these building seem to be okay, though. In the photos, at last.
    Strange atmosphere - strange in the sense of dreamlike.

  5. Perhaps because there seems to be no one around?

  6. This brings to mind 'Ozymandias' which I found constantl coming to mind through the outback of SA, too.

  7. Bill, glad to have you following along.

    Winam, there has been lots of rain out in the desert this year.

    AB, the verandahs are characterstic of older buildings so you are going to see lots more before the end of the trip.

    Martina, I see you now understand and after tomorrows post you will really get the picture

    Julie, yes there are many carvings in this antique land ... of man and nature.

  8. Great post! All the shots have wonderful colours.


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