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Flood town

Bogan River Nyngan

I guess Nyngan is best known to Australians as a place that floods. In 1990 the town was inundated when valiant attempts to raise the levy banks with sand bags failed.  All 2500 residents had to be evacuated by helicopter. 

After all the recent rain the river was up but a long way from flooding.  


  1. When I saw the first photograph here, I said "Oh wow" aloud. It looks just like a painting :)

  2. It might be grim weather, but those photos are very atmospheric.

  3. That looks cold and bleak ... I cannot think of Nyngan without thinking of Bourke too. My grandmother was born via Nyngan.

    You have a cormorant/darter in that first photo.

  4. Yikes! It looks flooded to me!

  5. Megan and Winam, it was a foggy rather than wet morning so not particularly cold but as you say atmospheric. I was pleased with the way these shots came out.

    Julie, I've never been to Bourke, We're thinking of going there on our next big trip. I worked real hard to make sure the bird was in the shot.

    AB, on our way back the river was up higher again. It seems to have some sort of overflow into a side creek which was running very rapidly by then.

  6. Now these are some wonderful mysterious shots! You capture the aura of the place just beautifully.

  7. The lighting is very interesting and atmospheric, yes. Is there an egret standing on the left in the first photo?

  8. Martina, yes there is a bird there. I think is it some type of cormorant.


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