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I've shown Lake Windemere before here and here. There has been good rain this summer and autumn so the trees are in the process of being redrowned.

That's it for this trip. We are heading out for a winter trip west tomorrow. It was a long weekend so we could range a little further than usual.


  1. The sky in the first one looks like a watercolour drawing. Interesting.

    The second photo is a riddle to me. What is this in the middle of everything, birds? Ducks?
    And it looks like someone has thrown a stone in the water on the right side ... you? ;-)

  2. But all the grasses are so brown!! I was amazed how green the Kimberleys were. Not at all like Alice.

  3. Ditto Martina. The clouds look very painted.

    I love the unpopulated landscapes. They're soothing.

  4. Martina, taking a close look at the original full size photo I can see there are birds perched in white rocks in the middle of the photo. I was perched high above this scene on the road so it was not me throwing rocks.

    Julie, the far north has just come out of its wet season and not had time to dry out yet. The long grass does tend to dry off in winter but the short pasture grass is exceptionally green at the moment. Who knows what is going on here, this land is some sort of waterlogged swamp rather than grass as such.

    Martina and Mary Ann, regarding the clouds, these are at a different exposure to the land so that perhaps added to the extra definition. On the way to Mudgee there was the most wonderful sunset with the clouds a beautiful red and a soft pink glow on the water but as we were pushing to get to the campsite before dark and it is hard to stop the car and van quickly when it is rolling along at highway speed that lovely scene has to just live in my mind. And Mary Ann, it is the unpopulated landscapes that feed my soul, that is why I show so many of them.

  5. Lovely landscape images - I especially like the top one, the sky is just gorgeous!

  6. Lovely landscapes. I feel the same way about them as you mentioned in your comment. I'm puzzled how you can have a different exposure for the sky and land.

  7. Diane, regarding the different exposure it is done in post processing. I use Aperture software.

  8. Lake Windemere! They found the Lake District in the Southern Hemisphere! There is less redrowning in the North Hemisphere version


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