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Railway bridges

Railway bridge, Lithgow

Out in the "today" world we can still see elegant evidence of the great era of steam. I'm going to show you some more "today" industry next.


  1. what gorgeous photos of one of my
    favorite things, railway bridges!

    there are some breathtaking scenes
    from the renee zellwegger's "beatrix
    potter" of railway bridges that make
    the whole movie worthwhile.

  2. These old bridges have a classic beauty about them. You have included just enough of the landscape around it to add a sense of place. This is beautiful country.

  3. I really love the curves and repetition of the bridges. They are beautiful!

  4. Lea, I don't remember the bridges in that movie. I might watch it again this weekend when I am doing the ironing.

  5. Don't mention the 'i' word!!

    These bridges are gorgeous enough to remind me of the aquaducts in Europe. That first one, the lower of the two, what are those crosses? Are they attached or gaps between the blocks? Like 'em ...

  6. Julie, I think they are metal decoration. I've always admired these bridges when we drive by... they can both we seen from the highway. This series was a good excuse to turn off the main road to find a photographic vantage point.

  7. These are gorgeous and do look quite elegant. I love the contrast of the stones with the lovely green around them.

  8. I like the repetition of the arches in the first shot

  9. Yes, I am with AB: the first shot is very well composed. And: is there a pony hiding?

  10. Pony ... ? Ah .. I see ... mmm ... mayb a folded piece of tin ... can see the pony blanket but not the pony head ...

  11. Well spotted Martina. Yes it is is pony, there were two of them in the paddock, but it would not put its head up.

  12. The stone bridges are beautiful!


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