Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miner's Lamps

Miner's Lamps, State Mine Heritage Park and Tourist Information Office, Lithgow

Mining is still big business in this area so I guess the choice of an old style miner's lamp seems appropriate for the local 'big thing'.


  1. Now that I have enlarged these, I can see the "big" lamp in the smaller.

    A fitting memorial to all those miners in both China and the USA who have perished over the last two weeks. A tough way to make a living ... ;

  2. I agree with Julie, this post is a fitting memorial. Miners surely have a tough life...
    As to the lamps, they are fantastic and I don't remember seeing them before.

  3. Wonderful shots of the lamps. I don't think I've seen these before. And it's so interesting to see a miner's lamp being the inspiration for part of a building.

  4. The Tourist Office is so wonderfully kitsch. I love it!

  5. I am so enjoying viewing your travel spaces through your camera lens. You have so many interesting places to share. Gives me a moment of rest to think and view. Thank you.