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It's raining

We are on our last day. We had thought to stay out an extra day but had got very wet setting up camp the night before and the rain was still bucketing down when we packed up in the morning so we decided to head for home. How welcome this rain would be across the land ... a burnt out paddock and nearby burnt orchards a reminder of the ever present threat of fire. I could smell the ash being lifted by the raindrops and see the sheen of green so quick to appear after the slightest drop of rain.


  1. Sometimes the smell of the air after a good rainstorm is just the thing to really make you appreciate the world around you.

  2. It is always fascinating to me what vegetation does with the help of some drops of water in such a short time.

  3. You didn't talk about the fires when they were going on so I never knew if you were being affected by them. The ash and its odor would be an unsettling reminder I should think.

  4. Paula, this was a small local fire. During the hot summer weather there are usually quite a lot of localised fires burning across the state but not major fires like in Victoria last eyar.


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