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Darling River

I fell for the advertising ... NSW Tourism are encouraging people to drive the Darling River Run. The blub says "The Darling River, Australia's longest, runs 2,740km through Outback NSW. Part of the Murray-Darling basin, the Darling River system is fed primarily from the summer rains of southern Queensland and makes its journey south-west across the state to Wentworth where it joins the mighty Murray River. The Darling River Run is not simply a Point A to Point B drive but as the river forms the 'spine' of Outback NSW, the journey provides the perfect tour to not only experience the Darling River and the towns along its course but also enables the traveller to experience the best of Outback NSW via the many side trips on offer"

They break the Run into sections. Some years ago I had seen the Wilcannia to Menindee section and now developed an obsession with seeing the last leg from Pooncarie to Wentworth.

The photo is of the Darling at Pooncarie. No big surprise here but Pooncarie was, I had thought a town worthy of a significant dot on the map would have have a population of more than 85 people! As a river port from the time when the waterways and river boats were an important part of the transport system it was a town with a big past and maybe a big future if the advertising works on more that me.


  1. A very atmospheric photo - I would like to sit under that tree ....

  2. I keep thinking we must see the Darling with water in it!

  3. Such a classic view of the Darling. I have seen the Murray but not the Darling. Would like to ...

    I like the typo ... adds to your sense of chagrin.

  4. How did they get a proper boat on that teeny tiny river?

  5. Martina, you needed to be in the shade of a tree, it was jolly hot that day.

    Pete, I've seen it in flood at Wilcannia ... nah, nah, nana, nah.

    Julie, when I reread my comments in particular there are always typos. Yes is is a classic view with the river gum hanging over the water.

    Letty, I was glad to see it had water in it ... so didn't really think of it as being small. The recent flood up at Bourke is probably making its way down the river now and making it a bit wider.


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