Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dairy country

We are on our way out of Swan Hill and for the first time in a long while see dairy cattle. The intriguing old building at Gunbower turned out to be the old butter factory. Once upon a time every country town with a dairy industry had a butter or cheese factory but I guess these days the milk is transported in tankers to bigger processing plants.


  1. Now in this sequence, you can actually SEE the jungle chomping over the old building and devouring it decade-by-decade.

    Yes, I can remember the old days where dairy farmers would fill up those wonderful cans and they would be loaded onto trucks. Now dairy farmers fill up aluminium tanks which are siphoned into travelling aluminium tanks. Sad really ...

  2. Somehow these buildings look European to me - in contrast to many other things on this blog, :-).

    Funny, what Julie said - when I grew up it was the same - the cans were brought by the farmers to a spot at the main street of the village where they were collected by the dairy truck.

  3. Martina, it was its English/European "old mill" type quality that made me notice the building in the first place.

    Yes I remember the old days of milk and cream cans too and doing a school tour of the butter factory in my home town. Actually (before I was born) Dad did one of the cream runs to earn some off farm income.