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It was Christmas Day. This colourful fellow I found by the road is known as a Christmas beetle because they come out at this time of year.


  1. They are beautiful, aren't they? A underneath, such gossamer wings ...

  2. Christmas Day ... when you were shooting this I was being told exciting news.

    This coming Tuesday she finds out whether 'tis boy or girl. When speaking with me, my daughter now calls her child "Grand-foetus". What a hoot!

  3. Beautiful. I'll have to show my kids when they get home. Their last name is also Christmas. They will be pleased.

  4. It is a beautiful beetle, yes. What's its size?

  5. Here in Oklahoma we call the same beetle "June" bugs. I bet you can guess why.

  6. Iridiscents beetles are gorgeous! And there are so many species!

  7. Martina, about 2 centimetres.

    Bill, June bugs ... of course they would have to have a different name.

    Julie, next Christmas will be so different.

    Kristen ... what an interesting last name you have

    JM. I wish I could find more. They are so lovely.

  8. I miss Christmas beetles - we don't seem to have many of them down here.
    As a child, I used to love them at Christmas time in Qld.

  9. I agree, many many more Christmas beetles up north. Mostly the plain brown ones. After a bit of rain they would come out of the ground and bombard us at night in the hundreds ... because of course the windows and doors were open and no flyscreens.


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