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Wheat harvest

I was so excited I found a place where the wheat had not yet been harvested. I've been wanting to find some, ever since I posted the green wheat a while back. Caught just in the nick of time, here comes the harvester to chop off their heads.


  1. so much work involved in harvesting and hauling hay/

    makes me think of the wheat and the chaff and ruth, naomi, and obed.

  2. I didn't realize you grew wheat in NSW. As someone who's been transplanted to Kansas, I'm quite smitten with wheat.

  3. When I was a boy I remember grabbing a handful of ripe wheat and rolling the heads between the palms of my hands to remove the husks from the grain. It was tough to chew but had a nice sweet taste.

  4. Lea, yes those same images spring to mind for me too or of Jesus and his disciples picking grain in the Sabbath. I am pleased to say I was not raised on a farm ... they are lots of hard work.

    Kristin, there is lots of wheat grown in NSW.

    Bill, my childhood was spent in peanut country rather than wheat country so I've never tried raw grain.

  5. I just smiled at your description, and went to bed hoping not to have nightmares! ;-)

    Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

  6. The collage is great but the top photo is fantastic! The composition is perfect and I love the pinkish cloud.

  7. Nice macro, nice shot of the rows of corn, nice shot of the oncoming harvester. In all, a great photo documentary.

  8. I agree with AB re the documentary. I love seed heads ... as you probably know!

  9. I agree with AB and Julie - since I am late, what else can I say?

    I had one of this harvesting machines as a toy car as a child :-). And we always played in the fields, building "houses" by stamping the stalks down - I guess the farmers loved us, ;-)


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