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The wheat crop was looking promising. I believe the harvest is now in progress.


  1. *bdg* the wheat looks exactly like in Europe, ;-) - only we harvest at the end of summer and not in spring.

  2. When I opened this I thought surely there won't be a difference here ... but there is ... the seasons start on the 1st of the month in Australia (something to do with the tilt of world's axis) so Summer starts on the 1st of December. Harvesting certainly runs into Summer.

  3. Complicated matter - I would guess it has to do with climate per se - it is moderate around here, with your 42 °C in spring nothing is going to grow anymore, I suppose. We also have winter wheat that needs frost to do whatever wheat does to grow, but it is harvested in late summer too.

  4. I feel like I'm walking right into that field. I keep telling myself to get in my car and just drive north, out into the county so I can see things like this. The varied shades of green are delicately inviting.

  5. Paula, I'm finding the experience incredibly rewarding and having a camera in hand is the icing on the cake for getting to know my own land better. And through the blog I'm learning so much more about other places. I look forward to seeing what you discover when you do get in the car and drive north. You will do it one day, after all it only took us 16 years to do the train ride.

  6. Nice photo.

    I think wandering around with a camera in your hand makes you more visually aware.

  7. I saw an interview with a farmer down Wagga way who walked through his wheat crop crushing empty heads due to a late frost at the end of September. He was in a crook mood!

  8. I couldn't cope with being a farmer, though when the seasons are good the rewards can be great.

  9. What a beautiful composition this is!


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