Saturday, November 7, 2009

Train back home

It was nearly time to catch the train back home. We saw this sign on the way to the station -- a reminder to those who would be seeing us rush by at a level crossing.


  1. The warning is slightly blunt, though!

    This is a very satisfying image, Joan. The way you have set it up and the colours. Nice.

  2. The tree is leafing out which reminds me you're entering spring. I'm in agreement with Julie, I like the compostion. Are accidents at crossings a common problem?

  3. I take it there are traffic lights and a gate, too.

  4. Paula, I did a bit of quick research and it looks like around 40 fatalities a year which is a lot.

    AB, there are lights in some places, gates in the larger towns but throughout the rest of our vast country its up to you to stay awake and take a good look before crossing and given that there are hardly any trains on the tracks easy to think there won't be a train there.

    Julie, I've seen quite a lot of these signs out west, I guess they are blunt to try and get an important message through.

  5. I am wondering what would happen in Germany without the traffic lights and gates at the crossings. These railway crossing signs are very exotic to my eyes.