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Farmer's Market

It was the weekend for the farmers market, so we wandered around looking at the local produce for sale.


  1. They would be sprouting by the time I got half-way through 30kgs of potatoes. The weather looks a little chilly still out there at that time. I love Farmers' Markets 'cause you often get to meet the fair dinkum farmer.

  2. I'll bet you had a lovely time strolling through, looking at everything. I so enjoy the Farmer's Market.

  3. Julie, I agree 30kg is a lot of potato. The weather the day before was just plain hot but the rain chilled it down for the next day.

    Paula, I've been to markets but I think this was the first time I've actually gone to a Farmer's Market. I didn't really get to meet the farmers because we weren't buying ... a bit to much to lug it all home on the train.

  4. There is something special about the farmers markets... I guess anywhere you go. Relaxed, in the open air, even seems so much more relaxed... I guess pretty much like the couple on the back of the truck!

  5. "Potato for sale" - just one?

  6. How cool not to buy the goods in a supermarket! Lovely collage!

  7. AB already asked the question I wanted to ask too: only a single potato? No plural with potato?

  8. Maybe like me they were in a hurry and couldn't decide to spell it potatos or potatoes. After Dan Quayle getting potato spelling wrong is too embarassing.

  9. Hah! Had forgotten all about Dan Quayle. Easily done, I hear you proclaim.


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