Thursday, January 22, 2009

Her beauty and her terror

The burnt out forests go on for miles and miles but the tree in the foreground has its canopy. This was a rare glimpse through dense fog, a windy area that blew the clouds away.

Mountain Bushfire by Kenneth Ivo Mackenzie
"Full moon. The brazen eye of midnight scans
the black and swollen mountains oozing fire
high over the indifference of the sleeping plains
hazed with the perfumed smoke of death and fear
under the radiant zenith. It is not far
from here to the wild flags of havoc flying
out of the doomed and bannered trees before
the west wind, hilarious hunter plying
nets and whips of flame, the trumpet playing
a ghastly fanfare."


  1. The poem is all too graphic, what a scene. I can hardly begin to imagine what all the wildlife have been through. I'm glad to know the new growth is spurting upward.

  2. It is so sad to see forests being destroyed by fires! A couple of years ago we had this big draught and it seemed the whole (small) country was on fire, it was horrible!

  3. Yes, it is awful to think of huge fires sweeping through Victoria again and its hard to imagine the extended heat wave they have been suffering even though it is hot here.