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But then the grey clouds gather

Mostly there was sunshine but sometimes rain. The long drought is still too close a memory for us to not welcome rain even on holiday. We are still at Shellharbour here, you can see the steelworks at Port Kembla in the distance.

From The Storm by Theodore Roethke
"Along the sea-wall, a steady sloshing of the swell,
The waves not yet high, but even,
Coming closer and closer upon each other;
A fine fume of rain driving in from the sea,
Riddling the sand, like a wide spray of buckshot,
The wind from the sea and the wind from the mountain contending,
Flicking the foam from the whitecaps straight upward into the darkness."


  1. Oh, such an atmospheric photo, JE. And haven't you followed the "rule of thirds" to a tee! The depth to my eye is mesmerising. For some reason I was put in mind of Bennett's Five Towns trilogy. In all that moody nature that your image captures, the thing that sticks in my head is the smoke stack.

  2. This is sublime, J-E. Perfection for a visual thinker like myself.

  3. Julie, I never think much about the "rule of thirds" but do use it instinctively I guess. I have never read any of Bennett's work -- you are always leading me off to investing new reading thanks. This photo does make the smoke stack look quite ominous doesn't it ... like as if it made the great grey storm cloud. On a sunny day it seems much more benign.

  4. This looks like the day we were in Merimbula. Very dramatic. And as you say, welcome rain.


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