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We saw the very nice little school at the intersection of the road but could not see a town.  Madam Tom Tom said we were at our destination Goolma but hubby insisted that there had to be a town, I was not convinced.  We set off down the road and he was right.  First a church, then another, an old general store a little further along, then a hotel and this old shop.

I was thinking now that would make a nice little gallery (like the one we saw earlier in the trip) so decided to peep through the windows to see how much the artist would be in for to get it in order.

By the way Goolma was another town on that railway line to Maryvale that was abandoned part way through the project.

I will add further images of Goolma over at 100 towns soon.  Still very busy at the moment.


  1. What a lot of work to restore - but what potential!! Hope you get a chance to relax at Xmas!!

  2. At first I thought butcher, then the peep through the window and now I think a bakery.

  3. It sure has character and what a good idea to turn it into a gallery, Methinks a lot of work.

  4. As always, I like the details you show us.

  5. Cute little building. Funny how people can just abandon projects like that and not be concerned that they will leave whole communities in the lurch.

  6. The Sany Hollow to Maryvale line ... that was a big local issue when I was very young.

    1. That's interesting Julie. I can imagine the angst of the line not being completed but then again rail was already into decline by the time they abandonded the project so I can understand them making that choice.

      But I also understand annoyance by the locals, after all their countryside was scarred getting the line started but with none of the benefits.

    2. I grew up on a property outside Goolma. big farming community once. lots of sport, frequently visited by Ken Sutcliffe(who married a local girl), home to Tony Sheridan and Daniel Conn.The building was a bakery, great bread and sausage rolls in its day. They had huge dances and balls at the hall next door, great suppers and one of my fond memories as a kid was of the baker coming over to the supper hall and baking his sausage rolls on a long pallet in the big oven there. Judy


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