Sunday, December 2, 2012


Gollan is a classic locality with a church and a community hall set in open fields.

There are two things of note here. The Silky Oak tree in flower.  There are lots of them dotted around the countryside looking great at this time of year with their golden flowers.  The other that this is a Baptist Church, usually the churches out in the countryside are Anglican or Roman Catholic.

I will post Gollan as a locality over at 100 Towns.


  1. Agree that it is unusual to find a Baptist church like this.

  2. I think Silky Oaks are just about my most favourite tree ever.
    And it was only about 5 years ago (in Port Macquarie, as a matter of fact) that I got up close and personal with them and saw how truly beautiful they are.

  3. Not sure I even knew that SOTs had beautiful flowers. As for the Baptists, perhaps this locality was setted by the Welsh rather than the Englsh.

  4. I think it was originally Anglican or RC, but has been acquired by the Baptist church at Wellington.