Thursday, December 27, 2012

Going west counting

Come west with me my friends to help me reach 100 towns -- we are heading out to Blayney to camp then travelling to some dots on the maps we have not yet visited in the hopes of finding two of them are towns.

These restored beauties we saw on the road are like the car Mum and Dad had when we were kids, bought sometime in the 1950s.  The sturdy little car towed 5 kids and Dad's home made caravan from Queensland to Victoria with the hundreds of miles of big wide wheat and sheep country of New South Wales in between.  Oh how we hated western New South Wales, the very land I love today.


  1. Great capture! These cars are wonderful.

  2. Gorgeous looking car. Must've been some engine to tow 7 people and a caravan.

  3. These old cars look in immaculate condition. Don't you just love seeing old cars cruising along the highway, going at their slow and steady pace.

  4. Wonderful photo.
    Nothing like seeing something from the past to bring back memories, good and bad.
    Safe travels...