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#97 Glen Davis

As the crow flies 10kms from Newnes is another old shale oil town Glen Davis.  It is however 100 kms by road.  It is quite a remote tiny remnant of a town nestled in glorious country of the Capertee Valley.  There are a few houses and a small boutique hotel.  It would be a great place to stay for the weekend. If you don't want to afford the hotel tarrif, nearby there is a free camping ground - a bit of dirt patch but it has facilities.

There are shale oil ruins here too but in private land.  I haven't managed to get out there for one of their Saturday tours yet.

During the Christmas break I will add Glen Davis to 100 towns, and Glen Alice as a locality because there is just a community hall there.

P.S.  I am having my cataract operation tomorrow.


  1. Will you make it to 100 by Christmas/New year. Best of luck for the op Joan.

    1. Hopefully by New Year. Once last trip will see it done. I am keen to go to one of them because I have heard rumour of it having a Royal Hotel :-)

  2. Hi Joan, nice to know of free camping spots - they're getting fewer these days. This sounds a nice place to visit.
    All the best for your operation :D)
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, cheerio for now, Susan xx

  3. Hope you can see nice and clearly real soon.

  4. oh geez I really have to get a grip on this blogger name thing - vinni30 - that's me again - Letty.

    1. Ha ha. I remember doing the same on your blog once, replying using my hubby's id.

  5. Had the most fantastic drive through Glen Davis and the Capertee Valley on a day that was the complete opposite of this one. Still a wonderful place though.

  6. I do hope the op went well! All the best!


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