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A prosperous town

We are on our way into Blayney, a busy town of some 3000 people.   It's only a half hour drive from the cities of Bathurst and Orange.

This is a town that doesn't depend entirely on the rural community with its drought/flood cycle of miseries, though it's located in gorgeous and fertile country.  Nor does it depend on age and decay to attract tourists to gawk at its past, though it's an 1850s gold town.

Over the next few days I will use Blayney to explore the things that can make a country town prosper.


  1. My grandmothers had family connections in Blayney. She always told a story about having a real white Christmas in Blayney in the 1950's. Looking forward to seeing some shots over next few days.
    Enjoy your Easter Joan.

    1. That cold summer must have hit the mountains too, an old lady in the train was talking about it. It made me complain a little less about our cold wet summer.

      Thanks for the Easter greeting. The weather is glorious as the moment so I am looking forward to it.

  2. Lovely rest ful picture of the countryside. I'm interested to know what keeps the town alive. We are watching that series on TV about Trundle trying to kick start their town by offering houses for one dollar a week rent.

    1. I am watching that show too. I feel sorry for the fellow with the broken down verandah who has put in a real effort on the inside. I don't feel sorry for the guy who expects a swimming pool in his yard even though his house is not a hovel. It is interesting to see how some people attract help and others don't.

  3. What a lovely image! Looks like it was a beautiful day.

  4. Lines in the landscape are your magnet. When my father was looking for a country town to move to in the mid-50s, Blayney was one that really attracted him. However, it was way cold for both he AND my mother.


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