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You see signs like this all around the place.  With all the rain we had this summer it was not a message that bothered anybody much.

Tomorrow we finish this trip at Browns Creek which is not at all brown at the moment.


  1. Ah, yes ... but come NEXT summer ... all hell will break loose ...

    There was a beat-up in the SMH this week about how MS-Word was past its use-by-date. This sign is Word personified!

    1. The trouble with word is that everyone thinks they are a graphic designer. I get heaps of documents from people that I tidy up (I send the real design work to graphic designers) but what it interesting is that after a document is tidied up people know it looks better but haven't got a clue as to what was changed to make it so. It is as if they are totally blind to paragraph spacing, font sizes etc -- sort of visually tone deaf.

    2. People don't read white space.

  2. Yes there will be lots of undergrowth come the next dry season, which is just around the corner. You have done a great job with your towns.

    1. Yes there will be a dry season if not this year, then the next or the one after. I would say that typically here in the mountains we get a big fire every 7 years or so.


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