Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Newbridge has the air of a town that just about made it as an historic tourist destination but has once again fallen on hard times.  So to me its not untouched enough to delight nor smart enough to entice.

This town came into existence with the arrival of the railway in 1876.

See more images of Newbridge at 100 Towns.

Also for those who like Black and White photography I have started a B&W series over at Blue Mountains Journal. It will run for a month and a bit.


  1. Those are the saddest towns.

  2. Great sign, great balcony, great find, Joan!

  3. This is a classic shot for this blog. I am beginning to see this as typical rural Australia - the red brick, the balcony, the fading painted advertisements.

  4. The advertisements are quite typical I find. I like the classification you have arrived at here.