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Shady corner

On the road from Sunny Corner to Dark Corner there is a shady, mowed glen in the centre of the thick forest where graves struggle to hold their own against the encroaching trees.

The first burials date from the time of the mining boom 1885 and the latest 1950 (already 60 years ago)

The message on this gravestone says:
Time has passed and still we miss them
Words would fail our love to tell
But in heaven we hope to meet them
Jesus doeth all things well.

I say Amen to that.  

Today's post, artfully designed to fall on a Tuesday, is part of Taphophile Tragics.  Go visit an incredible range of graves from many places and many faiths other there.


  1. Wonder if there is some story behind this one...They died less than a year apart! There is something so natural about graves returning to natural worlds of wild growth! Lovely photo! It appears that John and Mary were born in Cornwall and perhaps migrated to the Bathurst, Blue Mountains area. They had 11 children! Ref:

  2. Lovely image! I really like the fence with its fleurs-de-lys.

  3. A very nice headstone which appears to have been recently cleaned with the exception of the very top, which, in its darkened state, lends even more beauty. Also a very intricate iron fence which is still in very good repair. I think this grave is tenderly tended by someone.

  4. It's nice that the graves in this site are being looked after. A lovely photo.

  5. I do so appreciate your 'artful design'.

    The name Odgers is familiar to me for some reason that I cannot put a finger upon. Something to do with a magistrate or a coroner, methinks.

    Love that Gemma is taking over my role. Such a useful package, I find.

    It is wierd how the mould has been removed from this marker. I wonder if it is just that it has not grown in quite specific parts of the marker for a reason. It is very attractive the way it is.

    I agree that it all appears well tended, but I suspect by historians or municpal workers rather than descendents. Or is that cynical of me?


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