Thursday, March 15, 2012

Open country

We are now heading towards the rather oddly named Palmers Oakey.  The pine trees have given away to open grazing country. The soft mounds of the hills - like the earth is loosely draped in a green cloth.

The road sign says that 30kms hence there is a low lying bridge that becomes impassible in the wet. Well it has been wet but we decide to take the risk. Meanwhile Madam Tom Tom bleats "Turn around."


  1. Those undulating hills are so beautiful Joan.
    Madam Tom Tom is quite unadventurous - luckily you ignore her bleats ;D)

  2. Wonderful view Joan - thanks for sharing more of our beautiful country. Wishing you safe travels always and "happy snapping".

  3. I think the place we stayed at last Easter, Turon Gates, is in those hills. It's pretty unspoilt in there. Interesting to see the pastoral side of the country.

    1. It is in the same area but south west of Turon Gates.

  4. This is the classic scene that grabs your eye, Joan. The countryside is looking splendid ... except for the bits that are under-water. I was listening to a poor fruit farmer on the tele last evening explain how his trees, being in more than a metre of water for a few days, would all eventually die. Not sure how farmers drag themselves out of bed some seasons. Drought, drought, flood, drought ...