Monday, March 19, 2012


We reached Limekilns, another place that is no longer a town but at the edge of the road is a farmhouse that looked to me very much like it would have once been a wayside inn - it turns out to be the former Rising Sun Inn.  There was no sign of lime kilns, I think they went a long time ago.

See more photos of this building and some other things we found at Limekilns over at 100 towns.

I've also posted two new Royal hotels contributed by Red Nomad.


  1. It is amazing how many dead or dying towns there are in our country.

  2. You are building up a great list of names. Love Mt Horrible from yesterday.

  3. Lovely little window! Well spotted.

  4. Like those two new Royals, so different each from the other. Port Fairy is such a delightful place.

  5. This little window is so so so ... English. Does not appear to be designed to let in any form of Australian weather whatsoever. Very JaneAusten-ish ...

    1. Yes but the full photo over at 100 towns reveals the verandah which is so so so ... Australian (or antipodes)