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I loathe blackberry, horrible prickly stuff that is a constant battle in my garden. The pine forests are infested with huge thickets of it which are in fruit at this time of year.  It might look yummy but don't eat unless you want a belly ache.


  1. Blackberries with cream is a real treat Joan but unfortunately this plant has become invasive and almost impossible to eradicate ... We have it growing in our Adelatide Hills.

    1. I should have written don't eat "these". Because yes they are yummy and if we pick the ones that aren't poisoned we are doing our bit for the environment, at least they won't turn into more seeds for the birds to plant. But put on your armour to go picking ... those prickles are relentless.

  2. I lived in armidale for a long time. This is a very familiar sign. I also love Blackberries.

  3. A funny plant. Beautiful fruit but a horrid bush. I guess it has a good protection system.

  4. i used to go blackberry picking ... I have no memory of the prickles, but have wonderful memories of purple mouths, and rivulets of purple jucie down each arm ...

  5. It took me until the end of the second sentence to realise this was not a warning about mobile phones

    1. Ha ha. I work with Telcos so every time I type blackberry (the plant) I have to stop myself from typing BlackBerry (the phone).

  6. Before the days of bad infestation, it used to be a yearly outing for we children. We'd all come back covered in scratches, stained mouths and buckets full of berries. Mum would cook them up into the most delicious pies :D)


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