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Church Shell

We are heading south along the road that leads from Wellington past Lake Burrendong. I wanted to see how the water level was rising.

I was also keen to go along this road because I remembered this photogenic abandoned church beside the road. What is didn't realise until I saw the sign "Dripstone 1km" there might be small town up the road.

Visit Dripstone at 100 Towns.   You'll see the church in a dryer season over there,


  1. I wonder why there is rust and weathered stones only in the front part of the building.
    "Church shell" is a nice title - it took me some seconds to get it ;-)

  2. Beautiful old church. And once again, I'm astonished at how green the scene is. Central NSW for me has always been brown.

  3. An old church among the gum trees ....makes my heart sing.

  4. Its windows look like sad eyes. Nobody visits any more....

  5. I wonder why it has been abandoned. Old churches are usually snapped up.

  6. You are right, it's really photogenic.

  7. I'm drawn to the view through the last window that's totally green. is the wall missing on the other side?

  8. Mary Ann, the church is totally empty and wndowless but has its walls intact. I lined up the windows so you see straight through to the other side,

  9. Vicki, the church was sold in 1960, before the current thing of people turning churches into houses. This one is now heritage listed and would probably take quite a bit to get back in order.


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