Sunday, January 8, 2012

Water birds

The morning silence was disturbed by the squealing gull toddler.  Here are some of the water birds.  No pelicans because horror of horror I left my camera's battery charger at home!   How will I survive when the battery runs out???


  1. Super bird shots. The baby sure is a noisy one. Doesn't that make you mad when you forget the charger.

  2. Read this post yesterday, and left it open most of the day, to try to identify the birds. I shall try again this evening. Am doing Ma-care today. Hee hee hee ...

  3. Was a bit stretched getting all the posts done and meant to try and identify them. Here is what I think they are
    1. Seagull
    2. Egret - don't know what type
    3.Masked Lapwing (Plover)
    4. White faced heron
    5. Cormorant or Shag ... dunno which
    6. Black swans
    7. Dunno

  4. There was a stupid tv show on a few years ago about "Whinging Poms" who had emigrated to Australia - there was a woman who was complaining about the screeching, squawking birds - like cockatoos, that woke her up in the morning. She said in England they had sweetly chirping dainty little birds. I'd never thought of it that way before!

  5. Well I reckon even dainty bird babies do a lot of squawking ... but you've gotta admit that we do have rather a lot of large squawking birds.

  6. Great post, Joan. All birds are beautiful and the capture on top is fantastic.