Friday, January 27, 2012

This summer 1 of 10

On the road to Jenolan Caves

Its been raining lots - look at how green that grass is for the height of summer! I find it hard to get inspired to go wayfaring in soggy weather so in recent weeks we have just done a few short drives west of the mountains in places I have already photographed often.

So this is a mixed bag of 10 shots found this summer.


  1. Getting soggier by the minute by the look of things!
    Everything has crisped up down this way.
    I have the sprinklers on this very minute.

  2. Soggy and humid up here. Lines, patterns, colour and moo cows.

  3. I thought you were rating Summer 1 out of ten. Look forward to the next 9 shots.
    I would rate summer 9 out of ten. I think it is the best time of the year and even if it rains lots(or floods) it is still the best season for me.

  4. I bet there's another great series coming up. :-) I've heard about the floods in Australia. On the other hand, this is the hottest, sunniest and driest January I can remember here. I usually hate this month because of the lousy weather.

  5. I am not keen on summer, and the further north I go, the less I like summer. However, I do adore Autumn and Winter.

    Now in this you have just about everything, as Diane notes. Even gates and rust

  6. I agree Summer gets horrible up north and I like Autumn and spring best. But for me to enjoy autumn I need a warm summer ... otherwise it seems like and endless winter and 'between season's weather ... that is what we are having this year.

  7. JM, send some of your hot dry weather this way for February please.