Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello iPhone

I went cold turkey for a day but when we went down to the estuary where the lake meets the sea I had to take photographs.  I've not used the iPhone camera before but its gunna have to do.

Come, let's follow the boardwalk to the sea.


  1. I'm following you Joan - Wonder what's around the corner?

  2. Doesn't appeal to me (and I don't have an iphone) but people get some amazing results with those cameras.

  3. Great shot. Are you using the Blogger App?
    I have used the App once and it was very easy but my photo was terrible!

  4. I wanna come too. Iphones take good shots. Both my son in laws use nothing else and they take some great shots.

  5. Some people do seem to get great shots with their iPhones maybe I will do better with practise.

    Mark, no I am not using the blogger app. I am not much of an app person. My iPhone is pretty much a phone, except when I have no other camera :-)

  6. I've forgotten where we are?
    Exactly which bit of sthn nsw are we in?