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Cast of Crabs

We are heading back along the boardwalk. There is great crowd of little crabs marching back and forth across the sand.  Perhaps a common sight for those that live by the sea but for me magical and thrilling.
Now I was really regretting not having a decent camera.   I looked up the collective noun for crabs ... it's a cast ... wierd huh.


  1. We call these soldier crabs on the Nth Coast. I never get tired of watching them.

  2. What industrious and organized little creatures.... Yes! We always refer to them as soldier crabs ... They are facinating to watch.

  3. A cast of crabs, I must remember that for our next trivia night. Hey wait a minute I don't go to trivia nights.It must have been annoying not having your camera. You'll just have to go back and do it all again. BTW where are we in these photos?

  4. Mark and Dianne they are fascinating but why do they march back and forth like that?

    Diane, we are at Bermagui on the South Coast of NSW

  5. Did they make the little round balls of sand?

  6. Yep Letty .. thousands of little balls.

  7. Love your beach shots! Truly beautiful, Joan. I'm familiared with these casts of crabs, I've never seen so many as in Ecuador, I was totally in awe! :-)


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