Sunday, May 1, 2011


One building making a statement on the town is the Museum which was formerly a Methodist Church. It's architecture is unusual in Australian church design.  In 1919 the owner of the cement works donated the cement to build the church on one proviso, that it was in style of the church from his home town in America.  The parishioners were not too keen on it but nonetheless agreed.


  1. It does look unusual architecture for an Aussie country town. It looks neat poking out above the trees. Nice capture.

  2. A church! It actually looks more like a castle!! Maybe the builders were multitasking??

  3. I can just imagine what the people of the town thought!

    I think I would prefer to go without, than accept the money with those strings.

  4. Oh I like it!
    And look at ALL those beautiful trees - there's so many.