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Hartley Historic Site

A little further along the valley and we pass by the historic almost ghost town of Hartley. A pretty place with lots of well preserved sandstone buildings and to my joy I recently discovered from a map of the site that one of them is the old Royal Hotel.

Royal Hotel Hartley


  1. For some reason, I had instant flashes of tethered horses and Cobb & Co wagons. I love how low the front of this building is.

    So add it to your collection. How many now?

  2. Really enjoy your pictures and explanations. Australia is one place I would like to visit one day. I hear on the news about the massive flooding in Australia. I hope you are safe from it.

  3. No comments on your people - so I'll have to comment here. Your portraits are wonderful, I wish you had joined 100 strangers. I did as permission for all of my 100 but since then I often don't. One of your Weekend People looks awfully like someone I work with. Back to work tomorrow, I'll miss having access to your blogs - for some reason they are blocked, still can't work out why, unless the net nanny takes exception to the word "sweet".

  4. You're right - the Royal Hotels ARE everywhere! Do you know how many there are??

  5. Julie, we've reached 38

    Lisa, thanks. The floods are quite a distance north of us so we are safe even though we have been getting lots and lots of rain.

    Ann, thanks. Can't think of anything in Sweet Wayfaring that should bother the nanny. The is a post Exotic Naked Ladies (flowers) in Burnbrae Journal.

    Red. I find they are particularly prevalent in NSW. I found a website on Australian Pubs and they list 70 Royal Hotels and that is not a comprehensive list as it is a site that just takes contributions from various people who have visited the pubs. Either way, I have quite a long way to go.

  6. It looks well preserved. I love your new template with your add ons. Too clever. BTW the tea house at Hartley is called Hartley Valley Teahouse. Here is the link:

  7. One more for your collection. Great!

  8. Diane, how funny. I've eaten at that cafe several times and not seen a single teapot!! But I just realised you might be referring to teapot collection in the gallery rather than the teahouse itself.

    I agree it's a good spot to eat and the gallery is very nice.


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