Thursday, December 9, 2010


We were pleased to discover that as part of the festivities the Sydney Male Choir was doing a concert at the local school.  It was quite a treat, I like choirs and they were very entertaining. And as a bonus at interval there was a traditional country afternoon tea.  I haven't seen such a spread of cakes and slices since my home town.  It made our day.

We train travellers had to escape the concert a little early to go catch our train.  We didn't dare miss it, we felt we had dun all there was to do at Dunedoo.


  1. *grin* at the words with which you conclude.

    I went to Nowra once to listen to the Sydney Male Choir. I have one of their CDs as a consequence.

    I shall now play it all day as I do my wee jobbies about the place.