Friday, September 24, 2010


This is what rivers and creeks usually look like around here. But the River Gums knows that water flows every now and then and that water sinks under those sands so they grow along the banks anyway.


  1. The old gnarled gum trees make a lovely landscape.

  2. The trees don't have to struggle for water this year!

    Happy travels!

  3. Hi Joan. My husband has just been looking through your blogspot with me and we had the same thought when we saw this particular picture. It looks like a spot, on the way from Wilpena down to Yunta, where we stopped for lunch in the early 90's!!

  4. Hi Susan, wouldn't I love to be having a picnic at such a spot on this warm but not hot Sunday. Perhaps I will have to go have one in my own mountains instead. This particular creek is on the Wilpena-Blinman road ...a bitumen road these days ... wow when we were in the Flinders 30 years ago it was dirt way back before Quorn, we ate dust for a week and it was hot summer weather too.

  5. Thanks Joan. Yes, a good picnic day here too. Enjoy yours.
    Thanks for your reply, we had a chuckle remembering the many dust sandwiches we ate too!
    We get a real kick out of travelling vicariously and appreciate it. Cheerio :D